Topic outline

  • General

  • Domain 1 - The Sociological Perspective & Methods of Inquiry

    Students will identify sociology as a scientific field of inquiry.
    Students will compare and contrast the sociology perspective and how it differs from other social sciences.
    Students will evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the major methods of sociological research.
    Students will identify, differentiate among, and apply a variety of sociological theories.

  • Domain 2 - Social Structure: Culture, Institutions, & Society

    Students will describe the components of culture.
    Students will analyze how culture influences individuals, including themselves.
    Students will evaluate important social institutions and how they respond to social needs.
    Students will assess how social institutions and cultures change and evolve.

  • Domain 3 - Social Relationships: Self, Groups, & Socialization

    *Understand what socialization is and how people learn to be members of their culture

    *Examine the different socialization processes throughout the life course

    *Learn how the agents of socialization teach individuals culture

    *Examine how socialization affects the development of the self

    *Understand the role of the family, school, peer group, media, and workplace in the socialization process

  • This topic

    Domain 4 - Social Stratification & Inequality

    Economic stratification
    Racial & Ethnic inequality
    Gender inequality

  • EXAM