What is Sociology?


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by Belle Clark - Wednesday, 6 September 2017, 12:24 PM

1) About myself and how I fit into the world & the study of human behavior 

2) it is a social science but also a systematic science ; investigate and solve basic problems in society ; looking for ALL kinds of patterns and places; looks at all aspects and scales of society ; BIGGER, BROADER scope 

3) a) seeing the general in the particular ~ how the decision you personally make fits into the bigger picture or putting that decision into context (the influence based on where you live, what class, etc) illustration: how a stone fits into a mosaic 

b) seeing the strange in the familiar ~ approach the everyday, modern world as if seeing it for the first time; question what is natural or second nature to you; pick it all apart and analyze the familiar 

4) helps to understand problems and key concepts; understand social location- affects your life and can limit your choices or provide opportunities; What others think about you; shows marginalized groups; types of powers and how they're distributed and why-- how that create inequalities; good sociology creates good public policy 

5) uphevial and conflict in Europe-- scientifically understand & explain changes in society because if this happens, it can be ultimately predict, and create better policies to protect the well-being of the people who live in the society