What is Sociology?


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by Stamm Dakota - Friday, 1 September 2017, 12:30 PM

1. Sociology is the study of people and cultures

2. Sociology is much broader than the other social sciences

3. The idea that we need to look at things like they are not common

4. Sociology can help us understand why we do certain things

5. The concern caused people to question certain sociological beliefs

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Re: Stamm
by Stamm Dakota - Wednesday, 6 September 2017, 12:25 PM

1. Sociology is a systematic science to investigate people. Sociology is the scientific study of society and behavior.

2. Sociology is broader than other social sciences. Sociology looks for patterns in all kinds of places. It's similar to other social sciences because all social sciences look at patterns, but sociology is looking at many more patterns in many more places.

3.  Seeing the general in the particular is when sociology tries to understand behavior which is influenced by class, gender, and race. Sociologists are interested in a general pattern. Seeing the strange in the familiar is when you approach the everyday world as if you were seeing it for the first time. 

4. Looking at social location can tell about a person and contribute to the marginalized groups. Good sociology can help us create good public policy.

5. By studying social problems we can solve issues which creates sociology. Quickly changing societies caused someone to start studying why these changes took place. We want to scientifically explain societal change in order to protect the people who live in it..