What is Sociology?


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by Krieger Lily - Friday, 1 September 2017, 12:32 PM

1. The study of society and interactions (big and small) between people


3. How you perceive things based on your social location (gender, race, sexual orientation)


5. It brought into light so many other questions that people had about themselves, society, and other people 

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Re: Krieger
by Krieger Lily - Wednesday, 6 September 2017, 12:24 PM

1) the study of society and human behavior

2) its the same because they all look for all kinds of patterns but different because it looks at all aspects and scopes of society (interactions between people and interactions between nations)

3) - seeing the general in the particular- a sociologist tries to understand how our individual decisions fit into the general population or entire pattern based on class, gender, race, etc.

- Seeing the strange in the familiar- approach every situation as if you were from another planet

4) power and inequality - good sociology can help us create good public policy; help us to fix problems with society

5) sociology is all about answering questions we have about society and ourselves so they can help us scientifically understand changes in society. This helps us predict and make policies to make living in society better.