What is Sociology?


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by Brooke Aeschliman - Wednesday, 6 September 2017, 12:24 PM
1. The scientific study of society and human behavior

2. Sociology is looking for patterns in at all aspects of society and all scales. More broad than the others. 

3. Seeing the general and particular- tries to understand our social behaviors and how they fit into the bigger picture 

 seeing the strange and the familiar- approach the everyday world as you were seeing it for the first time

4. Social location, look for what is available for you where you are at or what society sees as acceptable

Marginalization, seeing what certain groups can do because of what society thinks

Types of power, who has power and who doesn't and why that creates inequalities

5. Social upheaval in Europe and quickly changing society make people question why these things were happening. They want to find scientific answers and better our communities and societies and this was the beginning of sociology