What is Sociology?

Lacie Henry

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Lacie Henry
by Henry Lacie - Friday, 1 September 2017, 12:33 PM

1. Sociology is the study of how society works and how it can impact the way we make our own decisions.

2. Sociology is different from different sciences because it covers a wider range of topics like social class, political beliefs, and what type of class one is classified in.

3. The sociological perspective includes seeing the general in the familiar and the strange in the familiar.

4. Sociology can give us a way of thinking. Meaning that we are influenced by society and what we say, what we do, and who or what we listen to is all influenced by society.

5. A concern that was in the beginning of sociology was using our own beliefs and they will be different than the people around us. 

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Re: Lacie Henry
by Henry Lacie - Wednesday, 6 September 2017, 12:24 PM

1. Sociology  Is the scientific study of society and human behavior. 

2. It is looking for patterns, but it looks at all aspects in the scope. 

3. It means seeing the general in the particular, and the strange in the familiar. General in the particular, means that what you did is determined with what the community around you does. Strange in familiar, To approach the world like you've never seen it before. And look at different customs, as they are influenced by our culture.

4. Sociology looks at social location, where you are a positioned, what is available to you. Marginalized groups are LGBT communities. What ever opportunity you were given was based on your location. There is power too. standard accents are seen as less intelligent. These can lead to inequality. Good sociology can create good policy. Once we understand how things work in our society, we can create a better policy.

5. One of the concerns was trying to learn the changes that happened around in our society. We want to scientifically try to see what is really going on to create a better policy for the commmunity around us.