What is Sociology?


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by Nicholas Waidelich - Friday, 1 September 2017, 12:38 PM

Sociology is the study of society. Sociology is different from other sciences because it looks at society in depth and other sciences don't. The sociological perspective is looking at problems and seeing solutions to the problem. Sociology can help us understand why people in society do things and sociology can also help us understand why different things can happen in society. Comte began society by looking at problems and looking for solutions. 

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by Nicholas Waidelich - Wednesday, 6 September 2017, 12:24 PM

1.Sociology is the study of human behavior and society. 

2. Similar because it all looks for all kinds of patterns and different because it looks at all aspects of society.

3. Seeing the general in the particular and seeing the strange in the familiar. This means that general in the particular tries to see how we are influenced in different things or how things fir into a pattern. Seeing the strange in the familiar means to approach the every day world as you are seeing it for the first time. 

4. Social location- based on where you live influences if you go to college or work after high school.

Marginalized- Whites do not get marginalized, many people do not get the treatment that they should if they are marginalized 

Many different signs of power and equality. Good sociology can help us create good public policy. 

5. Economic and social were in an upheaval when Comte decided to form sociology. When there is a lot of sociology change we want to try to scientifically prove why that happened so we can help protect everyone who lives in society.