Social Institutions Review Questions


Picture of Williams Jeron
by Williams Jeron - Tuesday, 24 October 2017, 12:28 PM
People wouldn't do as good of a job if they didn't have an education. Their would be a lot of poor families and it would be really hard for those people to get good jobs.

No because you still can't learn about religions in school.

Socialism you have to share your profits evenly and capitalism you earn what you worked for not what other people worked for. Capitalism is definitely the better of the two because most people would dependent on other people if we went to socialism

They both try to help you become better once you become an adult. No you need both because they both teach you different things.

No, because they don't believe in that kinda of medicine. Christians yes, because that's the most popular religion in the U.S and their both used in the U.S