Social Institutions Review Questions


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by Krieger Lily - Tuesday, 24 October 2017, 12:33 PM

1. If there were no educational institutions, students would not be able to interact with other students or teachers, and learning would become much more difficult. People looking for jobs or trying to grow families would struggle because their social interaction is not very good.

2. No we have not achieved a clear separation between church and state, but that would be very difficult to obtain because the government needs a basis to create its laws off of and a moral ground to stand on.

3. Capitalism gives society good groundwork because people can compete and grow their businesses with little government involvement while in socialism, there is little competition because society owns the resources.

4. Both education and family are trying to do what's best for children and equip for adult life, but one cannot replace the other because education helps students socialize with others different from themselves while family helps you create your own self identity while giving you a sense of belonging. 

5. Hindus would probably practice holistic medicine because Hindus generally look beyond today, but to their next lives. For Christians, they may tend to practice both holistic and scientific medicine, depending on their views. Scientific is using the wisdom and intellectualism that God gave them to solve problems while others put more emphasis on holistic medicine to heal themselves, but over all, most Christians believe God is the true Healer.