Social Institutions Review Questions


Picture of Cash Gericke
by Cash Gericke - Tuesday, 24 October 2017, 12:34 PM

1. No education would me no one would know how to use the technology we already have, then no one could advance the technology further. If there was no educational institutions then everyone would be the same no one would stand out as being better than most in a certain aspect. Everyone would suck equally. 

2. I do not think we have fully separated these two things. In school events such as sports we still pray even though some may not have any affiliation on the team with a religion. We advertise things like FCA even know we live in a country that is so diverse in all aspects. 

3. I believe socialism is a better foundation because if one person fails financial it doesn't messed up the entire economy. While in a capitalism sort of system one can hold all the power to the economy and mess up screwing everyone in the society. 

4. They are very similar because they hold importance to one another. Your family wants you to get a good educa so you can get a good job so when one day you get married and start up your own family you can provide and give them the same things you were given as a child. 

5. I believe Hindu being the oldest religion would go the route of holistic medicine because I believe they wouldn't trust the methods of machines and books. Since their beliefs are so old they wouldn't change their ways of life. While on the other hand a Christian would go the way of scientific medicine especially because this is the wa in the United States.