Social Institutions Review Questions

Nieves Dan

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Nieves Dan
by Daniel Nieves - Tuesday, 24 October 2017, 12:35 PM

1. Their would be no means to survival and everybody would do whatever they want. People would have to survive at risk to provide for their family by any means.

2. Not clearly because the values that many were raised with and a tradition that has stuck around for a long time makes it difficult to get rid of.

3. Two dominant economic systems in the world are capitalism and socialism. Privately owned resources and production differ from that resource being by a society as a whole like the government. I believe that a capitalist economy provides a better foundation to many individuals.

4. The functions of family and education simulate by the development of children to adulthood showing social integration. Neither could take place over another because both of these institutions teaches the means of society as a whole.

5. A Hindu would practice holistic medicine because of their belief on how an individual can be cured. In the other hand a Christian would favor more of a scientific medicine because of what is necessary to help cure.