Social Institutions Review Questions


Picture of Nicholas Waidelich
by Nicholas Waidelich - Tuesday, 24 October 2017, 12:35 PM

1). If there was no education today, people seeking jobs would have trouble finding them, the economy would be hurt by not having education, families would be different if there were no education. Kids would still maybe work on farms or factories instead of going to school.

2). I think that in bigger cities there is more of separation if church and state but in small towns there is less separation of church and state. I think that achieved separation of church and state. When you go into most government buildings there is not a lot of religious affiliations. 

3). Capitalism is when resources and means if production can be privately owned and socialism is when resources and means of production are owned by society as a whole. I believe that capitalism is better foundation for a society than socialism because competition in capitalism helps businesses win consumers. Competition  also helps the economy and having a strong economy can be important to the society that you live in.

4). Education and family both try to teach you important life skills that you will need when you get older. Things like being polite or how to interview for a job. I do think family can take place of education because some people do homeschool their children. However I think that it is better when they are separated and I do not think that education can take the place of family.

5). I believe that a Hindu would practice holistic medicine and a Christian would practice scientific medicine. I think this because holistic medicine is the approach of the whole environment. Scientific medicine is more of just looking at just the illness and not the whole enviroment. This is common in the United States where more of the Christian population is located.