Social Institutions Review Questions


Picture of Henry Lacie
by Henry Lacie - Tuesday, 24 October 2017, 12:37 PM

1). In today's world, if there would be no educational institutions, there wouldn't be any preparation for children going into adulthood. Education is very important agent of socialization and encourages social integration. The results would be a person not receiving the education he/she would need to work for the family, and without the educated people in the  workplace, companies would not do so well in the economy.

2). I believe that we have achieved the separation between church and state because with every social institution, the government is not involved in private institutions that involve church. Although they place their hand on the Bible, I feel it shows the foundation of the nation when it was built and to honor that by putting the hand on the Bible is a sign of respect for government office.

3). Capitalism is the government closely monitors and regulates the resources and means of production, which are privately owned. Socialism is a system under which those resources are owned by the society as a whole. To sum it up, capitalism is private and socialism is public. I feel that capitalism would be better for the function as a society because not everything is monitored publicly unlike socialism everything is owned as a whole. 

4). The functions of education and family are similar because both are preparing the children for adulthood. One of them cannot take place of the other because I believe that family should set the way children view economic, political, and personal views. And education system should prepare the child for the workforce. 

5). I think that Hindus would practice holistic medicine because they seem to be more into the environment around them and how they should use the earth for healing. I believe a Christian would be either scientific or holistic medicine, depending on what denomination the person is. I say this because some believe that using essential oils is helpful in the healing process, but christians also accept scientific medicine because some other treatments of holistic medicine does not work.