Social Institutions Review Questions


Picture of Andi Peterson
by Andi Peterson - Tuesday, 24 October 2017, 12:40 PM

1. If there were no educational institutions children would not be prepared for adulthood. People seeking jobs for their economy and family would not be prepared. They would have little to no knowledge about different tasks that need completed, or even how to do the things they are asked to do.

2. I don't think that we have achieved separation from church and state in the United States. One example of this is in the pledge of allegiance, we say "under god." Also, in courts, the people have to place their hand on the Bible to promise that they will tell nothing but the truth.

3.Capitalism is when resources and means of production are privately owned, and socialism is when those resources are owned by a society as a whole. I think that Capitalism provides a better foundation for a society because individuals have to work to earn what they own, instead of just having some people work and splitting what they earn. It makes more people work harder because they have to work in order to get profit.

4.Functions of education and the family are similar. I would compare a public school to extended family. They aren't very specific, and are open to more people. Whereas the private schools and nuclear family are similar because they have specific people to make up this group. For the family it is the mother, father, and their children, and for the private schools it is people that are paying money for education. 

5. I think that Hindus would practice holistic medicine because they are opposed to trying to treat your body through drugs and other pill. Christians would use medical treatment to heal their illnesses. They want to heal the illness to become healthy, rather than avoid medicine. Also because Christians believe that god has a plan for them, so they don't need holistic medicine to heal their environment.