Social Institutions Review Questions


Picture of Danielle Nieves
by Danielle Nieves - Tuesday, 24 October 2017, 12:42 PM

1.) If there was no educational institutions and technology oriented society there would be no need for education because everything would be run by technology. The result for people seeking jobs,the economy, and for families would be there would be no jobs, our economy would go down, and families would most likely go into poverty because no jobs no money no food on the table.

2.) I believe we have achieved  separation of church and state in the United Staes. We have the right to practice any religion we want to and we are allowed to express it freely. We are not forcing the president to place his hand on the Bible it is a choice.

3.) Capitalism is when trade is controlled by a private owner  for profit not run by the state. Socialism is when trade should be  regulated by the community as a whole. I feel state capitalism is better because the government regulates and monitors it so we could be safe.

4.) Education and and family are similar because you learn from someone for adulthood. One can't take the place the other because to be more informed of things you are going to have to be taught by someone other than a family member who doesn't take the same views you do.

5.) Yes I believe Hindu's would believe in holistic medicine but not scientific medicine. A Christian I believe would believe in both to an extent.