Social Institutions Review Questions


Picture of Brooke Aeschliman
by Brooke Aeschliman - Tuesday, 24 October 2017, 12:43 PM

1. If there were no educational institutions, children would not get the preparation they need for adulthood. There would be less people looking for jobs because would not have any education for them. The economy would decline because if people don't have jobs that means they don't have any money to buy things to keep the economy going. Families would have a lot more hard times because they wouldn't have very much money because of not having a high paying job. 

2. Yes I do believe that the United States has achieved the separation of church and state, because we are not forced to take on a religion if we don't want to. There is freedom of religion in our country and the government doesn't have any control over what religion you are or are not. 

3. A capitalist economy is having productions privately owned, but socialism is having productions owned by the society. I think a capitalist economy would be better because the United States is of the people so we should have control over our lives and take responsibility for our actions.

4. Family and education are similar because they both are raising and preparing children for when they become adults. Both institutions play a large part of a person's childhood and how they act when they're older. I do not believe that one could take the place of another because a child needs their education to prepare them for getting a job and being able to make money, and families are needed to show the child what their identify is and how to relate and act when they are with other people (the social side). 

5. I think a Hindu would practice holistic medicine because they need their whole body and being to be able to be the best person they can be. Since they believe in karma and reincarnation, they need a healthy body to be able to do good deeds. I think a Christian could practice both depending on their denomination and the severity of the case. If a person is more strict and conservative, they may just practice scientific medicine because they know they have a God who can heal other parts of their body. If the person is less strict, they may be interested in holistic medicine because they want all the help they can get.