Social Institutions Review Questions


Picture of Roth Natalie
by Roth Natalie - Tuesday, 24 October 2017, 12:45 PM

1) If there was no educational institutions in society today, society would not be able to function at such a high technological standard. Most likely, the technology would be very limited and businesses would not be empires like they are today. Instead of searching to work for someone else, people would most likely be self employed in things like farming, carpentry, etc., and the economy would be more of a barter economy. For families, they would likely be bigger so everyone could work to provide for the family.

2) I do not believe we have achieved separation of church and state in the United. States. Not only does the president swear on the Bible and to God when they are being sworn into an office in the government, the judicial system also has those who testify swear on the Bible that they will tell the truth. If one lies while under oath, that is punishable with a fine or even jail time. So basically, when one has sworn on God's word, they can be punished by the government for breaking the oath.

3) Capitalism is an economic system that permits resources and corporations to be owned privately which allows for more freedom in an economy. Because of the private ownership, there is often a huge gap between the successful, wealthy people and the poor, working class. Socialism, on the other hand, is where everything is owned by society as a whole and is equal between everyone. The equal distribution of resources can also be a problem where people who don't work very much get the same as those who work harder causing conflicts, disputes and even can cause production to slow down or stop. Capitalism is a better foundation because it allows the people to choose what they want to work for and reap the benefits of their success which both translate into harder working people pushing the economy forward.

4) The institutions of education and family are similar because they both teach young individuals about values, norms, and beliefs. They help the children to understand the culture around them and teach them how to function as adults. Family can take place without education because many children learn a lot of stuff from their parents before they are taught at school, but education can not function with out family because family background greatly influences how one would approach and perform in school. 

5) I think a Hindu would practice holistic medicine because they believe that mutations and other illnesses are actually gods reincarnated and they use traditional healers like witch doctors to try to heal. On the other hand, Christians would use scientific medicine because they focous on the illness itself and not the environment of the sick person.