Social Institutions Review Questions


Picture of Miller Kennedy
by Miller Kennedy - Tuesday, 24 October 2017, 1:01 PM

1.) An institution is a set of norms surrounding the carrying out if a function, such as education, necessary for the survival of a society. Education is an important agent of socialization. It prepares children for adulthood and the society. If there were no educational institutions our society would be chaotic. Families would have to take over educational purposes and job finding and the economy would be unsuccessful then.

2.) I do not believe our nation has achieved the idea of separation between church and state. Our own Pledge of Allegiance states that " nation, under God..." is the United States of America. Our smaller school influences religion. We have a rule in middle school that discourages homework on Wednesday so kids can go to church. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. Our country respects the establishment clause, in which the first amendment bans laws on "respecting an establishment of a religion" yet we are very discriminatory to religions such as Islam and Buddhism. Our country has very little, if any, seperation between church and state.  

3.) Capitalism is a privately based system whereas socialism is for the whole of a society. Both capitalism and socialism are the dominant economic systems of the world. I believe capitalism has a better foundation because, everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed and it is how you use that opportunity that will further you in life. If we all shared things we would get nowhere. When you were a kid you didn't like to share things, and so why would we want to be at a stalemate now?

4.) Both the functions of family and education are to prepare children for adulthood. They both focus on integrating the children into society and culture. I value my family more than some people so I think that education cannot serve a family. I feel that alternative families or orphans would say that education could take the place of family.  

5.) I believe Hindu would practice holistic medicine while Christians would practice scientific medicine.