Islam Qs & Answers


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by Nicholas Waidelich - Thursday, 9 November 2017, 12:45 PM

1. What are the five pillars of Islam?

Pray five times a day. Give to the needy. Make a trip to Mecca. Allah is the almighty god. Remember ramadan and fast.

2. Is Islam inherently violent?

Not all Muslims are violent, but some Muslims are violent. The Quran says both sides, to be violent and to be kind, just like the Bible does. Some people read only the violent parts of the Quran and therefore are violent to anyone that is not Muslim. While other Muslims are reading all of the Quran and are good people that are not radical. Most Muslims are not radical and good Muslims but sometimes we only hear about the radical Muslims.

3.Are Islam women being oppressed?

Many think that Islam women are oppressed like being stoned or beaten. Or for a Muslim father running over his daughter because she was “too Americanized”. I would say that is being oppressed. Many people outside of the Muslim religion think that women are being oppressed by Muslim men. However many women from the Muslim women. Muslim women feel that they are liberated by covering their faces. 

4. Why don’t we see or hear about mainstream muslims? 

Most mainstream Muslim feel like they have to apologize for the radical Muslims in the religion and they don’t like that. Mainstream Muslims think that is it crazy that anyone would kill someone with Arabic prayers on their lips. Mainstream American Muslims do not agree with what the radical Muslims are doing and want to it to stop.  Mainstream Muslims are almost the same as other religions in the fact that they are scared of radical Muslims. 

Picture of Nicholas Waidelich
Re: Waidelich
by Nicholas Waidelich - Friday, 10 November 2017, 12:13 PM

5. What did you take away from this video?

A couple things that I took away is Muslims are similar to Christians in the way that they do not like radical Muslims and wish they would stop killing. They are also scared about radical Muslims and are not comfortable around them. Muslims are getting unfair treatment in the United States but I think their is hope that Muslims and Christians can get along better.