Islam Qs & Answers


Picture of Kaiden Bedsole
by Kaiden Bedsole - Thursday, 9 November 2017, 12:45 PM

1. What are the five pillars of Islam? Pray 5 times a day, give to the needy, make the trip to Mecca, Allah is the almighty God, take part in fasting for Ramadan.

2. Why are Muslim people violent? It is not true that all are violent; however, likewise The Bible, in The Quran, there are parts that talk about the massacre of those who do not follow the Islam religion. Thus, there are some who abuse this part of the Quran, not reading the other parts where it speaks of loving ones neighbor. Those who act in most attacks, are simply from those who are misinformed/manipulated into carrying out these attacks.

3. Are the women of Islam being oppressed? It is believed to be true that this is the case. The twelve highest gender inequality countries are all Muslim states. Also, even in America, these women are not safe. There have been cases of fathers killings their daughters, simply because the women were dating non Muslim men. Thus, I would definitely say that the Islam women are being oppressed by not only society, but also men worldwide.

4. Why don't we see or hear about mainstream Muslims? They are being oppressed by the radicals and other conservatives in their religion. Many mainstream Muslims believe the same that Americans do, in thinking that what those radicals are doing is wrong.