Islam Qs & Answers

Andi Peterson

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Andi Peterson
by Andi Peterson - Thursday, 9 November 2017, 12:45 PM

1- How is Islam similar to Christianity?

1- Muslims pray during the day, just like Christians do. Both religions also have Adam and Eve, but muslims believe that they came from the dust not from one another.

2- Is Islam a violent religion?

2- It is a religion of peace, but they sometimes take the qua ran literally such as stoning and killing. There are Muslim books with radical ideas. The killing of others and the killing of oneself is prohibited in Islam. There are radical thinkers in their religion, but not everyone. 

3- Does Islam praise terrorism?

3- Religion is used as the excuse to terrorism, and politics drive terrorism.

4- Why do women cover themselves?

4- Some women choose to cover themselves, it makes women feel powerful and modest.

5- Do muslims discriminate against women? 

5- 12 of 14 countries with the worst gender discrimination are Muslim countries. Women have been beaten, stoned, and ran over. Quaran States that men and women have equal rights. 

6- Why don't we see or hear more things against mainstream muslims?

6-  Many muslims disagree with the extremists and radicals, and they are scared of them too. 7,000 muslims serve in the U.S. military. Mainstream Muslims are everywhere, but they are afraid to stand up. Muslims want to stand up in American crisis to help Americans from the Muslims trying to attack.