Islam Qs & Answers


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by Miller Kennedy - Thursday, 9 November 2017, 12:45 PM

1.) How does Islam differ from Christianity and other religions like Judaism? Muslims do not believe God has a son.

What is the face of Islam? Peace is the face of Islam.

2.) Is Islam a religion inherently violent? Muslims state they are a a religion of peace. Part one of the Quran shows peace while part two goes against part one. Writings and interpretations replaced the Quran and are misconcepted. Dictators are twisting their minds to what is considered "right" in Islam. Politics is the poison not the religion. These are radicals and every religion has some type of radical.

3.) Does Islam oppress women? Women have the choice to choose there faith. The conflict of so much clothes they, is them following the Quran. Women submit to their husband as they submit to God. Muslim men are to respect women. Again, there are a few Muslims that go to far and interpret the Quran in a wrong way.

4.) Why don't we see or hear more of the mainstream muslims? Americans have a tunnel vision when it comes to the Islamic religion. They are everywhere we just cannot hear them because all we hear is Muslim is bad. Most Muslims want to stand up for America.

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Re: Miller
by Miller Kennedy - Friday, 10 November 2017, 12:11 PM

5.) How can Muslim and Christian people come together? In the video it showed Christians and Muslims came together through sports and tragedy like the search for the little girl and the way the had to repair America after 911.