Islam Qs & Answers


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by Short Katelyn - Thursday, 9 November 2017, 12:45 PM

1- question- what is the face of Islam?

- Answer- Islam is a peaceful and varied religion.  It has the same roots as other major religions. Muslims can be just as American as everyone else, and have been here since the beginning just like everyone else.

2- Question- Is Islam inherently violent?

-Answer-  Islam is a religion of peace, but depending on the interpretation of the readings one may View it differently. While readings may project violence, most interpret it as a story and not actions that should be taken. Some violent Muslims belive in violence because of false readings. 

3- Question-  Are Muslim women oppressed?

- Answer- According to the following women, the rules that they must follow are a choice. They choose to follow the rules for actions and dress because they belive this strengthens their faith.  Although in some cases, women are brutally beaten and controlled but these are few.  Some also belive that if women are treated poorly they would never admit to it because it would cause beatings.

4- Question- Why don’t we see or hear more mainstream Muslims.

-Answer- Mainstream Muslims are here but they do not speak up because of fear of others persecuting them.  There is no one person to stand up and speak but instead they are all there quietly.  Muslims fight in our military and protect us and are part of our culture but do not speak up about it.

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by Short Katelyn - Friday, 10 November 2017, 12:10 PM

5- Question-  How can Muslims and Christians come togethe?

Answer- They can come together through tragedies. Tragedies will help everyone realize that they are not that different but are actually very similar.  They just must come together and understand each other’s ways.