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Kamryn Hostetler

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Kamryn Hostetler
by Kamryn Hostetler - Thursday, 9 November 2017, 12:45 PM

Q1-What is the difference between Islam and Christianity or Judaism?
A1- Muslims don’t believe that Jesus was the son of God and they don’t believe he died on the cross.

Q2- Is Islam inherently violent?
A2- The two parts of the Qur’an are very different and some groups ignore the parts about peace and are take the other parts very literally. The majority of the Muslims believe that the Qur’an is against killing innocent civilians.

Q3-Why do Muslim women wear such conservative coverings?
A3- The women say that it is liberating, not oppressing to wear their veils. They feel that women all over the world are seen as objects, used to sell products and aren’t taken seriously. By wearing their coverings, they’re standing against the modern opinions of women.

Q4- Why don’t we see or hear of more peaceful Muslims in the mainstream media, standing up against the radicals?
A4-They feel that the extremists are from a totally different moral realm. They don’t think they should have to apologize for something they did not do or do not believe in. Most Muslims are just as afraid of radical Islamists as Americans are.

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Re: Kamryn Hostetler
by Kamryn Hostetler - Friday, 10 November 2017, 12:12 PM

Q5-Are there any places where Muslims and Christians can come together and get along?
A5- In several communities, where sports teams are mixed, the bonds the Christians form with Muslims, are like family. Also, when tragedy strikes, religion doesn’t matter and people can work together and see that they’re not as different as they might think at first.