Islam Qs & Answers

Lily krieger

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Lily krieger
by Krieger Lily - Thursday, 9 November 2017, 12:45 PM

1)  What do Muslim adults teach their children?

Five pillars of Islam

- faith

- fasting

- charity

- praying

- pilgrimage to Mecca

2) Does Islam encourage violence?

No, different Muslims interpret the Q'uran differently, some more strictly than others. The first part of it says not to force religion on other people while later on it says to fight anyone who doesn't believe in God. More extreme books are used to replace the Q'uran by many extremists.

3) Does the way Islam makes women dress oppressive?

The Q'uran does not actually force women to wear head coverings, but it is more of a choice and a cultural identification for them. 

4) Why don't we see or hear more statements from mainstream muslims?

Muslims resent Americans for always asking them about extremists even though they don't identify with extremists at all.

5) Why do Muslims feel as though they can't speak their mind anymore?

Because Americans were automatically turned against Muslims after 9/11 and were fearful of them even though it wasn't the mainstream Muslims who committed this act so now Muslims feel they have to be careful of what they say so those feelings aren't brought up again.