Picture of Nicholas Waidelich
by Nicholas Waidelich - Tuesday, 28 November 2017, 12:15 PM

1. Genie was a little girl who was confined to her room until she was 13 by her parents. She had to stay in her room and had no social contact with anyone. She was later taken to a hospital and scientists taught her how to read and talk with sign language. After that she was taken to different foster care homes and was not treated very good. She later lived in an adult care home. 

2. Solidarity confinement is a terrible punishment because that person does not talk to anyone and will sit alone in silence. That is hard on a person mentally because they do not ever talk and that can make them mute for the rest of their lives. 

3. This teaches us that society makes us human and being around other human make us human. Victor was never around anyone and he had a hard time being human. Humans make us human as we are growing up.

4. Nature is like what victor went through with no supervision or help along the way when he grew up. Nature is what the scientists did with genie when they started teaching her everything that they could do like teaching her to read and helped her with vocab. 

5. As a child they were not given a lot of liquid or food so they try to keep as much as they can because in their mind they do not know the next time they will get more.

6. They developed her mind as best as they could and see what she could do and what she couldn’t do because of her solidarity confinement. The research was done to find the best way genie could learn because of her solidarity confinement.

7.Genies story ended with her going to foster care homes and not having good parents taking care of her. She went back to her mother and her mother realized she couldn’t take care of her. She later lived in an adult care home. 

8. Without society and other humans, I think we would be like victor before anyone knew him. We would be out by ourself doing whatever we thought was right. We would be very lonely without society and other people like genie locked in her room. No one to talk to and we would not have some of the skills we do today because of society and the social things we did when we were younger.