Picture of Cash Gericke
by Cash Gericke - Tuesday, 28 November 2017, 12:15 PM

1. A "wild child" found in a home extracted from all life as we know it. 

2. I think being in the confinement itself isn't so bad if it's the first thing you experience when your born cause you don't know anything else, but it's the consequences after the confinement that are and because now you have to del with the real world something you've never known to exist. 

3. His story teaches us that language and forms of communication are what makes us human. People were unable to teach him so they called him the forbidden experiment. 

4. I think it's when your brough up in your youth by nature you don't reap as much benefits as one brought up with nurture. 

5. Because they might feel that that liquid confined to the jar resembles them as they are confined to a room or something in that nature. 

6. They tested her basic language an identification skills to see how far the extreme isolation set her back from a normal child her age. Then they sought how to see how far they could teach her. 

7. Her storied basically ended how it started she basically learned nothing and went right back to the horrible environment she was brought up in. 

8. We are nothing in my opinion because society molds us and has such a large influence on or decisions and character.