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by Short Katelyn - Tuesday, 28 November 2017, 12:19 PM

1- Genie was a girl found in the 1970’s who had little to no socialization.  She was locked in a bedroom tied to a potty chair for most of her life until the age of about 13.  While in this room she had little to no contact with other humans and was not able to talk and could barely walk.

2- Solitary confinement is a sever punishment due to the effects it has on humans.  It does not allow humans to become socialized with other around them and causes problems with ones mind.  Some effects may become irreversible and may cause a lifetime of troubles for the one who has received it.  

3- Victor’s story teaches us that we are human because of our interaction with other humans  and our socialization to the world around us.  Without other humans to interact with and learn from, we may be no different than any other animal in the world.

4- The nature vs nurture debate is one with no clear correct answer.  This debate argues whether the science or care of patients is more important to the overall situation.  For example in Genie’s case, some believed she was tested too hard while others belive that the testing was an important and necessary step in the case of Genie.  

5- I belive they hold liquids because off the lack of liquids they had been in contact with previously.  In isolation everything around them would have been a solid so the idea of a liquid was very perplexing and interesting to them so they wanted to keep it.  They may have also hoarded them due to the lack of liquids they were allowed to have in isolation.  So may have struggled to receive liquids such as water so that now that they may have them more often they want to keep them so that they never have to go without it again.

6- The research done on Genie answered this question in many ways.  It allowed scientists to see the consequences on her speech and language.  It also allowed them to see the consequences on her ability to learn and become socialized into society.  They performed many tests on not on,y her language but also on other things learned in childhood to see if she could possible learn how to become socialized.

7- Genie’s story needs very sadly.  Due to the lack of money to research, she was out into the state foster care system where she was sent from foster family to foster family while being abused.  She was with her mother at one point but that did not last because her mother was unable to take care of her.  She is now a ward of the state and has degressed backward losing much of the progress gained in the research done to her.  

8- Without society, we are simply animals that lack what we would now consider basic intelligence and without any modernization.  Without society we would probably never make any advances in language or education of ourselves at all.  Society creates everything we know and are today and without it we would be no more than another animal running around in the wild.

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by Short Katelyn - Wednesday, 29 November 2017, 12:08 PM

4- it is the debate that explores whether human activity is made that way because of the people around them or if it is genetic.