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by Stamm Dakota - Tuesday, 28 November 2017, 12:20 PM

1. Genie is a girl who was locked up in a dark room most of the time with little to no human contact. She was kept this way from birth to about 13 years old. When genie was 13 social workers found her and removed her from the home. Genie then went to be cared for by therapists and researchers until the government stopped funding the researchers work. Then Genie was sent to multiple foster homes and eventually became a ward of the state.

2. Solitary confinement is severe because of the lack of socialization. Being confined for even an hour can leave an impact on a person. Humans are very social so solitary confinement leaves a large impact on us.

3. Victors story teaches us that other human help make us human. The lack of other humans in Victor and Genie’s life made them act much differently than humans that are raised in society act.

4. The nature vs nurture debate is comparing if we are human by nature or by nurture. To elaborate, by nature could mean that without human interaction we still act human. However, Nurture could mean that we only act human because of human interaction. Genie and Victor’s case shows us that nurture is what makes us human.


6. A major focus on the developmental consequences of extreme social isolation is the ability to learn language. Researchers tested the critical language theory to see if Genie could learn a first language or if the theory was correct in saying language is biologically linked with our age. This case would prove the theory correct as Genie was not able to string words into a sentence.

7. Genies story had a sad ending. Genie ended up regressing because of the fact she had to change care often and she wasn’t always recieving the care she needed to develop. Also, Genie’s mother sued many of Genie’s caretakers which caused issues and a lack of good care for Genie. Genie was last known to be in psychological confinement as a ward of the state.

8. Genie and Victor’s story shows us that without society we are not human. Society is what gives us our humanness. Socialization is extremely important in our development.

Picture of Stamm Dakota
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by Stamm Dakota - Wednesday, 29 November 2017, 8:05 AM

5. Hoarding liquids might have been Genies way of controlling her environment. Since liquids take the shape of their container Genie might have felt that she was able to control the liquid by controlling the container. There wasn’t much detail provided in the video about this so it makes it difficult to accurately guess.