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by Henry Lacie - Tuesday, 28 November 2017, 12:20 PM

1. Genie was a thirteen year old girl who was kept in extreme isolation when she was young and up to her year of age that she was let of of the threatening home. She was chained to a potty chair all her life and was barley allowed to see anything inside the room. Because she was kept a place of extreme isolation, she never learned to speak and understand the English language. Also she had so difficultly walking and she did not know how to express her emotions well. 

2. solitary confinement is considered an severe punishment because it cuts one out from the outside world and it lacks any type of social interaction. One is not able to develop in the English language if they are kept in this confinement at a young age, like Genie was.

3. I believe Victor's story teaches us how the role of socialization is crucial in society and with no human interaction, one cannot adapted to the ways humans should interact with each other. Just like Genie's case, Victor did not have the current knowledge of a regular human being to know the English or current language of the environment he was in.

4. The nature vs nurture debate, deals with the act of letting nature take its course into teaching others how to interact and learn the way human behave and talk, vs teaching a child individually how to interact and how to experience emotions personally, but also how to talk and what tone to use it in.

5. I believe children like Genie hoard containers of liquids is because they were not surrounded by any liquid to drink in the first place and it could also mean that its the curiosity of how humans use these liquids and or it could also mean that the physical don't know any better. Children that were kept in isolation probably don't know how to use materials like containers and what they could contain.


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by Henry Lacie - Tuesday, 28 November 2017, 7:14 PM

6. How they focused on Genie was the fact that they were trying to teach her how to adapt to human interaction and to read the English language. It relates to the question because when she was in extreme social isolation, she had no interaction with anyone, but herself. Years later, the results should she was not able to speak proper English and she didn't know how to react when certain situations came about.

7. Genies story ended as the research was over with and there was no funding to continue to help Genie and by the time the story ends, she moved back with her mother, but her mother found it difficult to take care of her. She then moved to different foster homes and was able to continue learn to speak.

8. Without society, we wouldn't have different views and social interaction. Society really shapes the way we behave and how we understand different aspects of the world. Socialization shapes the way we speak to each other and how we express our emotions. Without society there would really be chaos and nothing would have meaning or understanding.