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by Kamryn Hostetler - Tuesday, 28 November 2017, 12:20 PM

1. Genie was a girl found at age 13 by social services. She had been kept in a single room by her parents for most of her life and had not learned to speak or walk properly. Her parents were charged with child abuse and Genie was taken in by a physiologist/scientist that became her foster parents for a while. During this time, they studied her and tried to teach her to talk and live as normal as possible. 

2. Solitary confinement is a severe punishment because it forces people to be without interaction with anyone else. This is very hard for the brain and can cause emotional problems. 

3. Victors story teaches us that the way in which we interact with others is what makes us human. Humans have a unique ability to communicate in ways that other live beings can’t. 

4. The nature vs  nurture debate is discussing if we as humans develop our personalities, cultures and behaviors at birth and because that’s natural, or if we develop these qualities from our families or peers around us. Are we born with our personalities and behaviors? Or do we develop them as we grow up depending on our surroundings?

5. I think Genie and other children in isolation, hoard containers of liquid because they never know when their next meal will come and they do that in hopes of saving up just in case they don’t get water or food. 

6. The research with Genie was done with the main goal of finding out how much she was damaged because of her extreme isolation. They did experiments to test her memory, tried to teach her English, tried to help her learn sign language, and put her in situations where she had to interact and firm relationships with other people. All of this was done to discover what exactly the consequences of her past were on her brain and social life. 

7. Genie was taken back in by her mother until even she realized that Genie was too much work for her. Then her mother sued all of the people that had done any sort of testing on Genie, saying that they did it for profit. She is still alive and is in los Angles under state protection. 

8. Without society, it’s hard to imagine life. We wouldn’t be able to communicate with words or express our emotions. Without society, we are alone and unable to form relationships. 

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by Kamryn Hostetler - Wednesday, 29 November 2017, 12:13 PM

1. They call her the forbidden experiment because it wasn’t a created experiment but something that just happened. 

3. The environment in which we live in makes us human