Picture of Belle Clark
by Belle Clark - Tuesday, 28 November 2017, 12:20 PM

1) Genie was a young girl traumatized by her parents by being kept in isolation, strapped to a potty chair in a room, her whole life until she was found. She then became a subject, yet study, of doctors, psychologists, linguistic teachers, etc. She became a foster kid who slowly learned to speak, walk, and do other daily functions.

2) Solitary confinement is a severe punishment because it derives someone from something they need— socialization. It derives them of speaking to somebody else, walking wherever they please, and having freedom. Being alone for extended periods is what solitary confinement is, and that isn’t what people were made for. 

3) The story of Victor, or the “wild child” teaches that without being raised in a modern, functioning society, one becomes almost “lost”. It teaches without being raised by another person and among other people, there is a part of us missing. We are not connected with others and don’t develop in many ways. We lack a necessity of life without society, and that is growth. 

4) The nature vs. nurture debate is a debate in psychology, and it argues whether we are taught human behavior from being nurtured or ultimately from nature. Does our culture and way of life come from our bringing up, or does it naturally? I think it also talks deeper on if our traits are inherited or if we receive them from the world around us. 

5) I think they hoard containers of liquid because they have a natural sense that they need to drink in order to survive. I also think they have had an experience before where they were so thirsty brought pain, so they know they needed more saliva, or some sort of liquid to satisfy their thirst. Now they may be afraid they will never come across liquid again soon, so they need to take what they can. They also need to store some for perhaps later, because they know they aren’t sure when they’ll get thirsty again but they know they will. 

6) Some things they did was videotape her actions and measure her brain waves while sleeping. 

7) Genie has been placed in six different foster care homes, but is still alive today. Her whereabouts currently are unknown. 

8) Without society, or other people, I believe we may physically survive, but we are deprived of so much. I believe we are made to have dependence on other people, and to live among other people in a society. When we have that taken away, or we are in the absence of it, I believe we do not develop correctly and part of us truly is missing. I believe we may go mad.