Picture of Kaiden Bedsole
by Kaiden Bedsole - Tuesday, 28 November 2017, 12:21 PM

1. Genie was a girl that lived in California. While she was growing up, her father thought her to be mentally retarded, so he would tie her down to a potty chair and basically leave her on her own for possibly days at a time. She never went to school or anything like that, was just locked in her room strapped down to her potty chair. She was then found by a social worker when she was around 13 years old, and scientists found that she had weird human traits I.e. Spitting, clawing, etc. most likely because she was beat if she would speak or anything like that. When she was found she was taken to a children's hospital where they tried to make sense out of her for some time.

2. Solitary confinement is a severe punishment, because as humans, we need to socialize and such in order to grow in all aspects of life, including our brains. And if one is in solitary confinement, like Genie was, from a young age, that person may not be able to learn skills necessary to live a full life.

3. Victor's story was a very interesting one. During his experiment, a question arose, and the question was what makes a human a person? Through some experimentation with Victor, scientists decided that the main thing that makes a human a person, is socialization (interaction between humans) and language.

4. In this debate, cases such as Victor tell us what humans are if just in nature isolated. With Genie, we see how an isolated human is if nurtured/not cared for.

5. I think Genie my have hoarded the containers of liquid, because she may not have gotten to drink much of anything while in her solitary confinement. Thus, maybe she was hoarding those in order to have them out back for if she was ever to be replaced into solitary confinement.

6. Research was done for Genie based off of that question, because scientists wanted to know if she could still obtain language, even have started so late in the brain's development. Thus, most research that they did had to do with testing Genie's brain, to see what parts, developmentally, could still be saved and which were not going to be able to happen.

7. Genie's story closed up with a lot of law suits filed from her mother to those who tried to help her. She now has lived in about 6 different homes since the ended of her case, and she is still alive today. However, her mother tried to take her back, but was not able to maintain the needs that Genie needed.

8. Without society, we are not people, we are simply human beings. Without society, our brains would not be nearly as developed as they are now. Thus, without society, humans may not be such a dominant race.