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by Brooke Aeschliman - Tuesday, 28 November 2017, 12:26 PM

1. Genie is a young girl who was isolated from everyone for the beginning part of her life. Her parents kept her in a room with just a crib and potty chair. She could barely walk and didn't speak when the people found her. When she was found, she was taken into the care of psychologists, doctors and others who were going to help her learn to do basic things. 

2. Solitary confinement is a severe punishment because it separates you from everything. There is no way to learn how to live or do basic things from just being by yourself all the time. 

3. Victor's story tells us that whatever you are around is how you are going to act. Since he lived in the wild and was probably around animals, he acted like an animal. He would spit all the time, chew on stuff and claw at things. We are human because of the experiences we encounter and the way that we live. 

4. Nature vs. Nurture debates whether we develop because of the way we are born, or whether we develop because of the way we are raised/nurtured. It was debated if genie was born retarded or if the solitary confinement did that to her. 

5. They may hoard containers because they are so used to being in a room without any people or anything to eat/drink. Their diet was very limited and even though they are in a safe place now, maybe they are scared that if they are in a room by themselves that they won't have anything to drink like how it was when they were in isolation.

6. Genie was unable to speak, communicate, write and had not been exposed to a learning setting. Even thought she was 12 years old, she did not know things that a three year old may know. She was so behind that the researchers had to start very basic and teach her what the names were for things, such as shoe. They also taught her sign language so that she could communicate. Because she was past puberty, it would be very difficult for her to be able to learn how to speak clearly and write sentences correctly. Genie was placed in a foster home so she could feel the sense of a family who loved her. 

7. Genie went back to live with her mom for a while, but her mom decided that she could not take care of Genie and it was too much for her to handle. So Genie's mom decided to form a lawsuit against anyone who tried to help genie. She thought they were using her to get money. So the last place reported, Genie lives in a special home for disabled adults in California. But nobody knows her exact location now. 

8. We are not ourselves without society. The people we hang around, the family that we have, and people we encounter everyday shape the person that we become. If we did not have these people and experiences, we could not be the people that we are today. The cases of Victor and Genie both back up this idea.