Picture of Roth Natalie
by Roth Natalie - Tuesday, 28 November 2017, 12:32 PM

1) Genie was a victim of child abuse where she was kept so isolated for so long that she never learned how to talk and other characteristics of normal humans. She had many years of experiments and research done on her all with the hope of rehabilitating her and proving there was not a critical period and she could still function like a normal person.

2) Solitary confinement is a severe punishment because damage to the brain can occur in just fifteen minutes. Being alone with nothing and no one can cause people to loose their minds because there is nothing to influence them but themselves and their thoughts.

3) In most senses, Victor was human, at least in looks, but he lacked socialization so he did not have the skills and characteristics of human who grew up in society. Our ability to talk and learn language and interact with other people are what make us human.

4) The nature vs nurture debate is whether humans are born with the ability to do things like talk and walk or if the learn it from other people and if nurturing can make up for years of social isolation and abuse.

5) Genie and other children like her hoard containers of liquid because that is their nature. It is their instinct of survival because they need water or liquid to survive so they need to make sure they have some in case they have no other source.

6) All the research done on Genie was to see if there really was a critical period or a time limit where humans could learn and develop. The tests on her were to see if she could still learn to talk or if she had permanent brain damage from years of isolation. 

7) Genie could talk well enough to get her point across, but she could not speak and formulate sentences in a way that makes sense. The funding for the research on Genie was cut and she was moved from home to home. No ones for sure where she is now, but she was living in a adult home.

8) Without society, we are nothing but shells of humans lacking ways. We wouldn’t be able to communicate using language or be able to interact with others in a normal and civilized way.