Final Thought


Picture of Belle Clark
by Belle Clark - Monday, 11 December 2017, 12:12 PM

1) I believe the high classes benefit from social stratification and the low classes suffer. Because as social stratification grows, the gap widens. The rich become richer and the poor become poorer. 

2) I think social mobility has definitely happened in my family. My dad’s parents were very well-off as my grandpa had a great job at GM. My dad remembers big christmases and lots of allowances. However, before my grandpa became successful, he was poor and didn’t even learn how to read. He grew up not having much. I believe my grandpa experienced upward mobility, as he was raised in the lower class but became higher in class. With their disabilities, my parents have always struggled with finding a stable job and having financial stability, so I’ve always grown up on the lower class. My dad to be more specific, went through a downward mobility as he grew up at a higher class, and now is more from the lower class. 

3) Criminal minds; I believe the main character, Rossi, is probably part of a higher class. I believe so because his occupation is the leader of his FBI group. He works for the government, and is in charge of a large branch of the FBI. He also always has nice suits, he has a nice car and home. He is also an author and talks about his college degrees.