Final Thought

Lily krieger

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Lily krieger
by Krieger Lily - Monday, 11 December 2017, 12:14 PM

1) Those who have unequal access to things such as economic resources, prestige and power suffer from social stratification while those who do have access to those things benefit from social stratification.

2) I believe that social mobility has taken place in my family because my great grandparents weren't very well off due to the Great Depression and struggled to make ends meet while my grandparents went to college and both became teachers and were able to provide for their three kids and they had my mom who also went to college, married my dad, and now have five kids and can easily make ends meet as well as provide things that we want.

3) Modern Family is a family that is in a high social class (especially the grandpa.) This is because they have large houses and live extagantly (going shopping, buying motorcycles, and going on expensive vacations such as Hawaii and Australia.) The kids get a good education and the grandpa owns his own business that he passes down to his daughter (occupation.)