Final Thought


Picture of Short Katelyn
by Short Katelyn - Monday, 11 December 2017, 12:14 PM

1- Those in society who are more wealthy and have more prestige benefit more from social stratification.  Those who are poor do not benefit.

2-  I believe that my family has experienced social mobility but not a lot.  While my grand parents were farmers a dandis not have as much money when they were growing up, I believe that I am a little higher up in the social ladder.  It has been both upward mobility and inter generational mobility.  This can be seen in the type of material things I had compared to those of my grandparents.  Their entire families would work very often and earn very little, they also did not have many extra material things.  Whereas I am a little better off, I still have to work but not as strenuously as they did and I have more material object than they did.  While there was some change happening, I belive for the most part we are relatively close in social stratification.

3- On the television show The Office, Jim Halpart is a salesman at a small paper supply company.  I believe he is in the middle class.  While he does not receive a large paycheck as a salesman, he does receives enough to live comfortably without really worrying too much about his finanaces.  He doesn’t have much power in his job but does have the respect of his fellow workers and is one of the best at his job.  All of these factors would lead one to believe he is in the middle class.