Final Thought


Picture of Kamryn Hostetler
by Kamryn Hostetler - Monday, 11 December 2017, 12:15 PM

1. From the functionalist perspective, all groups can benefit from social stratification because the poor can move up and the rich can stay where they are  

2. Yes, I think that social mobility has happened in my own family. Upward, intragenerational, and intergenerational mobility have happened. My grandparents started out in a low class and have moved upward. This is my reasoning for upward and intragenerational mobility. Also, my parents were born into a lower class and as they grew up and started their own families they moved into a higher class so that’s an example of intergenerational mobility. 

3. In Grey’s Anatomy, some of the main characters are interns or first year residents. They would be in the lower class because they’re just starting off in the healthcare field. They are fresh out of med school and have lots of debt, they have little to no power in their job because they’re so young and their job title is undesirable. However, because of the level of their education, they could be considered middle class and will probably move up to high class once they gain more experience in their job and start to make more money.