Final Thought


Picture of Kaiden Bedsole
by Kaiden Bedsole - Monday, 11 December 2017, 12:16 PM

1. Those in the upper category of social stratification seem to benefit the most, while those at the lower end of the spectrum see more suffering.

2. I feel that my family has seen increased mobility since my parents were kids. I believe this, because when my grandma was raising my mom, aunts, and uncles, everyone in the family HAD to work in order to make ends meet. Now, in my direct family, it is not a necessity that me and my brother work while in school; although we do anyway. Thus, I would say that my parents (and our family as a whole) have been lucky to have had intragenerational mobility.

3. In That 70s' Show, the Forman family is a middle class family. I believe this, because even with both Red and Kitty working full-time, they are not the most wealthy family. They send their children to a public high school, and when Eric is looking at going to college, they are reluctant to let him go just anywhere, because of the cost being too much. There are also many more factors, but I would categorize them as a middle class family.