Final Thought


Picture of Nicholas Waidelich
by Nicholas Waidelich - Monday, 11 December 2017, 12:16 PM

1. People with more resources and more money like the upper class, benefit from social stratification in society. People that are poor and do not have very much money like the lower class, suffer from social stratification. 

2. I think that social mobility has happened in my family. I think that my father had moved up in social stratification. My father has told me that they did not have a whole lot of extra money to spend when he was growing up. I look at what I have now and what my dad had when he grew up and I think that I have more than what he had.

 3. In the television show called Cheers the main characters name is Sam. He owns a bar and I think he is in the middle to lower class in the show. He doesn’t have a lot of money even though he was a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox. He did not have a lot of education or power and most of the time his bar didn’t make him very much money. He worked in his bar so he didn’t have a good job or make very much money. He would be in the middle to lower class in the show and some of the time he was very poor.