Final Thought


Picture of Roth Natalie
by Roth Natalie - Monday, 11 December 2017, 12:17 PM

1) The people who benefit from social stratification tend to be the upper and upper-middle class. This happens because thy are set up its more advantages and opportunities to get ahead. The people who suffer from social stratification are usually seen in the lower class or the poor. They have less advantages and don’t get as many opportunities presents to them. 

2) Yes, social mobility has occurred in my family. My dad lost his father very young, so for most of his childhood, my grandma worked a waitress job as a single mother of five kids. She experienced upward mobility herself when she remarried the man I consider to be my grandpa. His second income allowed for more luxuries and opportunities. This would also be intergenerational mobility between my dad and me because he was in a lower class than me at my age.

3) The family in the show “The Middle,” would be an example of a family in the middle class. Both parents work full time jobs, but still worry about how to pay things. A lot of the stuff in their house is broken and malfunctioning, but they cannot afford to fix it. The mother went to school later in life but the dad never attended college, and instead works at a quarry