Final Thought


Picture of Andi Peterson
by Andi Peterson - Monday, 11 December 2017, 12:19 PM

1. Most difficult jobs in any society are the most necessary and require the highest rewards and compensation to sufficiently motivate individuals to fill them. Certain jobs, like mowing grass or cleaning toilets, can be performed by almost anyone, while other jobs, such as performing brain surgery, are difficult and require the most talented people to perform them.

2. Social mobility has happened in my family. For example, my mother used to be a nurse, and now she is an RN at a nursing home. I think this would be vertical mobility. My dad used to work for Edward Jones, and now he works for CIG financial services. He has the same position, but a different company, so he has experienced horizontal mobility. 

3. Full house. I think that the main family is in the middle class. I think this because there are 4 working adults in the house, and the way they live is a very normal and simple life. Also their kids go to a public school. They also share a house, so they all pay for one house.