Picture of Krystina Bryant
by Krystina Bryant - Wednesday, 5 October 2022, 11:19 AM

Gene was a girl that was kept in a room isolated from everything, so she had no one to talk to and nothing to do. When she was found she was 14 didn’t know how to talk, and didn’t really know how to walk and didn’t know how to socialize. They started doing tests on her and trying to see if they could still teach her how to talk and read even though she was 14.

 Being isolated from everything can effect you so when they put people in solitary confinement it’s punishing you mentally. 

He was raised in the wild, what makes us human is being raised by humans, he was in the wilderness his whole life so he didn’t care about the temperature of things, he was an animal basically. 

Nature vs. nurture is what effects you more in the future what your dna is and what your surroundings while growing up are.

 They hoard liquids because they don’t know when they will get more, so gene hoarded it because she doesn’t know if she will still need it.

She can’t form grammatically correct sentences, and she doesn’t know how to shake hands with people.

 It ended with her mom suing the children’s hospital, and gene moving into more abusive foster homes. 

We are nothing without society, gene was without society and she didn’t know how to do anything.