Picture of Gavin Walker
by Gavin Walker - Wednesday, 5 October 2022, 11:19 AM

1.) Genie was a child locked away and completely isolated from everything in her room for her entire life up until they found her at the age of 14.

2.) Solitary confinement is a severe punishment because it makes you go crazy after just a little bit.

3.) His story teaches us that we are human because of the way we interact with each other and the environments that we love in.

4.) Nature vs nurture is a debate on wether the way we are is more affective by nature (dna and heredity) or nurture (the environment we are raised in).

5.) I think that children in isolation hoard bottles of liquid because they don’t know when the next time they will get more is so they try to get as much as they can and save it.

6.) Extreme social isolation has developmental consequences because you are trapped in an environment of nothing so you don’t know what to do or anything so their is nothing to learn.

7.) After going through many more foster homes Genie’s story ended in a lawsuit.

8.) Without society we are just people that try to survive on their own based on human instinct.