Picture of Kristen Riley
by Kristen Riley - Wednesday, 5 October 2022, 11:21 AM

1. Gene was a a girl who was isolated her entire childhood  until age 14 ,and was discovered in a very rough mental state.

2. Solitary confinement is such a severe punishment because in you childhood that is when you adapt all your life skills and social interaction skills. So being in confinement is doesn’t allow you to adapt all of those skills on living.

3. Victors story teaches us about what it means to be human because he shows the difference it makes when someone isn’t exposed to social interaction and the basics on being a human being. Without being exposed to that society Victor didn’t adopt the characteristics a human may have since he didn’t know what it was like to be one.

4. The nature vs nature debate is about the decision if humans need nurture to survive and live normally.

5. Gene as well as other children would hoard liquids because they would never know when they would get more. These kids wouldn’t get the option to drink or eat whenever they want so the would keep liquids and foods so they had something when they were given nothing.

6. Research with gene was so complex. Scientist were so focused on learning how she was as a human after being kept in extreme isolation. The consequences Gene had from living in extreme isolation were that she never adapted the basics of being a human. She didn’t know how to speak, or act.

7. Genes story ended after she was placed in an Adult Care foster home after being abused and not taken well of.

8. Without society we wouldn’t strive as we do today. We as humans live off of human interaction with others and live off of watching how others live.