Picture of Allie Buehrer
by Allie Buehrer - Wednesday, 5 October 2022, 11:21 AM

1. Genie was a girl that was born in California that was abused by her parents they would strap her to a potty chair her whole life without food most of the time.

2. It was a sever punishment because she would be locked in her room with days on end without food and no sunlight and she couldn’t really function like she should at a certain age. 

3. His story taught us that to be a human you need to know how to eat properly and speak in the right grammar and how you should take care of yourself. 

4. The nature vs nurture debate is how you act and if you where born with that or If you learned that growing up and chose to act like that. 

5. I think they hoard there food and drinks bc they aren’t sure the next time they will be fed and just in case they want to save it and eat the food little by little. 

6. She suffered from isolation bc she wasn’t taught the things she was suppose to be taught at the different ages and she didn’t understand thing that she was suppose to at 14.

7. She ended up going to live with her mom again and her mom end3d up sewing the people that did the research on her and she moved around in foster cares a lot.

8. Without society we wouldn’t be able to talk to people and learn new things about people and how we work, we also wouldn’t be able to eat properly and learn properly.