Picture of Kaylyn Woodby
by Kaylyn Woodby - Wednesday, 5 October 2022, 11:22 AM

1. Genie was a girl who was held away from society for 14 years and never got nurture. When they found her they started doing experiments to see how she developed.

2. It’s inhuman to do to people and is not seen right in society since people usually need human connections.

3. It teaches us that our society makes us human because he was raised around the wilderness and acted like a animal and could survive very cold temperatures that we normally could not do.

4.Nature vs. nurture is a study about if the way your born or the way your surroundings affect you more.

5. Because they didn’t get much so when they get something they choose to keep it so they can have something and not get it taken away.

6. They watched how she learned and what she knew trying to figure out how well she can developed basic human learning abilities. Since she was in isolation they know she doesn’t know much of what everyone at her age would normally know so they try to teach her and help.

7. When she got older like adult she got out in a adult care center. At one point after she learned words she stopped and just kept using sign language or her special way of saying things.

8. We are not the same and don’t have much humanity without society. People without society I think still learn things but it’s not even close to what we learn from society and what makes it easy for us to live and thrive off of each other.