Picture of Gracie Wolf
by Gracie Wolf - Wednesday, 5 October 2022, 11:22 AM

1. Genie was a girl that was isolated in a room for about 14 years. People found her and they found her and she didn’t know anything. So they used her as a research study. 

2. It’s like putting someone in jail and it can ruin their social life and know nothing coming out of the cell. It like putting someone held captive so it would be a bad punishment 

3. That we need to have a childhood to learn the little things. Because its easier to learn while we’re young 

4. Nurture is what Genie didn’t get so that’s why she was the way she was. She had nature from her parents genetics.

5. The isolated kids hoarded the liquid because they never knew when they would get a drink next

6. It’s on how their anxiety and depression is while being isolated 

7.she went through a lot of foster homes and back to an institution.

8. Without sociology we don’t know how to do anything with the world and social with others