Picture of Makayla Mermer
by Makayla Mermer - Wednesday, 5 October 2022, 11:44 AM

  1. Genie was a young girl that was found when she was 14. Genie was found isolated in a room by her parents which had been for her whole life most of the time she spent in her room she was taped to a chair. Genie was severely neglected. And after she was found they did scientific studies on her and tried to do therapy at the same time.
  2. Solitary confinement is such a harsh punishment because you don’t get to see the world pretty much at all. It also puts people more likely to develop mental disorders and can also affect one’s physical health.
  3. What makes us human is language. Victor did not talk at all and everyone thought he was mute or deaf.
  4. The nature vs nurture debate is nature is where our genetics determine our behavior and nurture is our environment or experiences determine our behavior.
  5. I think they hoard stuff because they don’t know if they will ever get it again so they want to hold on to everything they can.
  6. The research was done very slowly while at the same time they also did therapy because she was so old when they found her it’s harder for her to learn things.
  7. Genie was removed from Butler’s care and went to live with a psychologist whose name was David Rigler.
  8. If we did not have society we would be very under educated and we would be very lonely we would probably have many physiological problems and we would probably fear other people.